Poverty alleviation needs more materials to accompany, gooda cable with poor students to jointly write a cartoon

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Abstract: As a key leading enterprise in Guizhou, Gooda Cable has been paying great attention to the growth of poor children.

With the rapid development of society, more and more enterprises realize the responsibility of giving back to society. Public welfare activities have become an annual work plan for many enterprises. While the "charity trend" is prevalent among enterprises, it is inevitable that some enterprises make "face" projects. They just donate some materials to poor primary schools nearby and take photos to publicize the activities, and then leave. In fact, XIAobian believes that to care for poor children, they need not only material support, but also warm companionship and care for their young hearts.

It is understood that gooda cable in this year's "little Orange light" public welfare trip, far into luodian County redundant ring primary school. After a 5-hour trek on the mountain road, it was already noon when the gooda cable convoy arrived at The Fuxiang Primary school. However, the teachers and students did not leave, are happy in the school eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the guda team.

Goodall staff did not have lunch at noon. After the motorcade arrived at the school, they unloaded more than 100 sets of cotton-padded clothes, scarves, hats, socks and some extracurricular books for the children and distributed them to each child. Gooda staff also tried on the cotton-padded clothes for the children in person. Looking at each child wearing gooda cotton-padded clothes, their faces were filled with bright smiles, which made gooda staff feel that the trip was worthwhile. The children were thrilled to receive their new clothes, scarves and hats.

In the afternoon, gooda cable also walked into the children's class and accompanied them to have a vivid and interesting painting class. Goodall's big brothers and sisters patiently teach children to hand-draw goodall cartoon mascots. Through cartoons and paintings, goodall's big brothers and sisters quickly become one with children. Each child's painting is unique and elegant, full of innocent childlike interest.

The children's hearts were the most direct and pure. They changed from strange and timid to familiar and enthusiastic. After a whole afternoon's company, when gooda staff left, they showed deep feelings of sadness. One of the female students said, "I like them. They bring us beautiful clothes and draw pictures with us. The painting class in the afternoon was very lively and interesting, and they brought a pair of cartoons named Xiao Gu Xiao Da.

There is a poor student said: "I am very grateful to the fixation of cable these big brothers and sisters of cotton-padded jacket, scarf, hat, and really cold winter morning, I want to walk more than an hour every morning to get to the school, sometimes rainy days are cold, have a new cotton-padded jacket and scarf, hat, the way to school when you are not afraid of cold."

The principal of the school also expressed his deep gratitude to Goodall cable for their visit, for their material donation to the school, and for the enterprise's care and companionship to the children. As a key leading enterprise in Guizhou, Gooda Cable has been paying close attention to the growth of poor children.

Through this activity, Gooda Cable went into the poor mountainous areas and sent necessary warm goods and company to these poor children, so that every poor child can have a warm winter, which for these children, just like a ray of sunshine in winter, warm their hearts. Xiaobian believes that the amount of donated materials is not important for each public welfare action, but really depends on whether the practitioner of public welfare is careful or not.

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