Habitual thief eat "nest edge grass" theft cable, police at the site to control the capture thief

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

Chutian Metropolis Daily December 17 (reporter Ye Wenbo correspondent Chu Lei Huang Juan)

After the man was arrested for theft and released, he resumed his business and went back to the construction site where he used to work to steal cables. Recently, Wuhan Qingshan public security new ditch bridge police station is staring at the police situation, follow the trail, cracked a value of tens of thousands of yuan series of theft cable case, arrested theft suspect Xiong, receiving stolen suspects Nie, Liu and other three people, recover stolen cable more than 3000 meters.

At 5 p.m. on December 12, Qingshan District new ditch bridge police station received an area under the jurisdiction of a construction site alarm: building channel ceiling several thousand meters of cable stolen. Criminal investigation deputy director Wang Lianming with police Zhang Chao, Li Gang back and auxiliary police Zhang Baohua quickly rushed to the site of the investigation. Through the monitoring, found that the suspected man was successful, take the elevator to the second floor, through a black car to receive the cable towed away. The suspects then left the site on shared bikes.

Surveillance showed the suspect wearing a camouflage fisherman's hat and light green overalls, with visible white paint stains on his clothing and hat. Police in the negative second floor search, a shelter in the wind room found the suspected man when the theft of clothing and crime tools. Police analysis of the man is more familiar with the construction site, it is likely to work on the site, it is likely to commit the crime again. Police on the spot division of labor, in different import and export squatting control. 13 at 11 o 'clock, police Wang Lianming, Li Gang back in the construction site 2 building door found traces of the suspected man, two people decisively forward, captured at one fell swoop.

After the review, the theft suspect Xiong confessed that he had done a period of time in the site painter, after leaving office because of stealing cable was dealt with by the public security organs, just released less than 2 months and resume the old business, back to work in the place of stealing cable. After the theft succeeded, he contacted the nie mou, Liu Mou fences stolen goods. At present, the case is further dealing with deep digging.

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