Origin Of RFID And Applications

Origin Of RFID And Application fields:

               About the Origin of RFID, we need to date back to the Second World Ware in the 1940s, however, it was used more frequently in the 1970s. For a long time, the high cost of the tags and readers prohibited widespread commercial use. As hardware costs have been decreased, then RFID adoption has been increased.

             RFID technology has been widely applied in below fields:

  •  Pets and livestock tracking
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Asset tracking and equipment tracking
  •  Inventory control
  •  Cargo and supply chain logistics
  •  Vehicle tracking
  •  Customer service and loss control
  •  Improved visibility and distribution in the supplier chain
  •  Access control in security situations
  •  Shipping
  •  Healthcare
  •  Auto manufacturing
  •  Retail sales
  •  Tap-and-go credit card payments
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